iPhone 6 Glass and LCD Repair

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iPhone 6 Glass Screen and LCD Repair Service

iPhone Glass and LCD Repair is one of our most popular repairs. If you have an iPhone with a broken LCD display, a distorted image, no image, or otherwise malfunctioning display, stop by any iFixYouri walk-in location or visit iPhone Repair Services on our site.


When You Need iPhone Glass and LCD Repair


You need glass screen and LCD repair if your iPhone has one or more of the following issues, usually due to a drop or impact:

  • iPhone screen is black
  • Screen is not responding to touch
  • Screen is displaying lines or bars
  • Broken glass along with any of the above


What iPhone Glass and LCD Repair Fixes


If your iPhone just has broken glass or glass that is peeling away or coming out of the frame but the LCD Display is fine, this is not the service for you. Broken glass only repair is a different service. However, if your display is affected as well, whether it displays nothing at all or vertical bars or lines, this is your service; iPhone 6 glass and lcd repair.


iPhone Glass and LCD Repair also replaces the digitizer, which is the component that controls your touch response. So if your iPhone has display problems as well as a loss of the ability to control it via touch, glass and lcd repair service will be your solution.


Back housings are a different story. Some iPhone generations do have glass on the back housing. If you need a repair for that back housing, we also offer that service. Navigate to your particular iPhone generation and choose "Back Housing Repair" or call 888-494-4349 for back housing pricing. Keep in mind that the back housing replacement part will have no logo and will be blank.


Important Pre Glass and LCD Repair Note


The glass and lcd repair process should not erase anything on your phone, but as with any repair, we recommend your backup your iPhone before bringing it in.


How Long Does iPhone Glass and LCD Repair Take?


iPhone glass and lcd repair is something all of our stores and our mail-in headquarters perform multiple times a day. We offer same-day service at our walk-in locations. Typically this repair can be performed in a half hour, if the part is in stock and there are not many repairs in the queue. Screen repairs can generally be completed within 24 hours from receipt of the iPhone at our mail-in center.


One-Year Screen Replacement Warranty

We provide a one-year warranty for our screen replacements. This warranty covers everything except accidental damage. All other replacement parts are covered by a 90-day warranty.


Any questions during the process? No problem. Just give us a call at 888-494-iFix (4349) or leave us a message below.

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