2013+ Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade

SSD A1502 Capacity: 128 GB
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SSD Drive Replacement with Data Transfer

This service replaces or upgrades your solid state drive (SSD). Data from your old disk will be copied to your new drive before it is installed. PLEASE NOTE: This SSD works only with 2013 and later models listed below.



This SSD upgrade is compatible with the following models (check the tiny text on the bottom of your device):


  • 11" MacBook Air Model A1465 (EMC #2631 and higher)
  • 13" MacBook Air Model A1466 (EMC #2632 and higher)
  • 13" MacBook Pro Model A1502

Please note: you must select the capacity of your SSD upgrade in the dropdown above. You can also choose faster shipping or supplemental insurance.


What is a Solid State Drive (SSD)?

Traditionally, your computer data was stored on a spinning electromagnetic hard drive. With a solid state drive, or SSD, your data is stored on flash memory. This type of memory is non-magnetic, has no moving parts, and is up to 100 times faster. It is a more expensive upgrade than the traditional drive, but the durability and travel-friendliness of the solid state drive make it a great upgrade for laptop owners.


Why is so great about a Solid State Drive (SSD)?



Programs run quicker, especially data-hungry programs like your operating system



An SSD has no moving parts. Instead it stores data on flash memory. Having no moving parts translates to more durability and longevity.


Power Savings

Another benefit of the lack of moving parts is decreased power consumption. Your laptop will get an increase in battery life from the upgrade to SSD.


Quiet Running

No noise is generated by an SSD, yet another benefit of no moving parts.


Cool Running

Your laptop will generate less heat with an SSD drive.


Why should iFixYouri upgrade my drive?

iFixYouri has upgraded hard drives on nearly every make and model laptop and computer out there, so your baby will be in good hands. MacBook repairs are not for the DIY novice; there are hundreds of tiny screws and This service includes installation.

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